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Gutters and facia

Metal Rain Gutter

Integrity Roofing & Restorations provides service for residential gutters. We utilize seamless aluminum for all our work. They come in 5 or 6-inch sizes, and a variety of colors.

Climbing a Ladder

Wood fences

Residential fencing comes in a variety of styles. Integrity Roofing & Restorations take care to educate clients on different styles and materials to ensure seamless integration with the desired look.

  • Typically treated pine or cedar

  • We will remove and dispose of old fencing


Installation of fencing takes two days. The first day is used for the post to be set in concrete and left to cure. Old fencing can also be repaired, cleaned, and painted or stained.

Fence built from wood. Outdoor landscape
Stay at Home house repairs , Pressure Wa
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